Blue Wave Flag Beaches

    How do you know that you are on a good beach at Lake Balaton? If you see a blue wave flag, then you are safe. Furthermore, if you see five stars in addition, well done! You are at one of the top quality beaches. The blue wave flag is a certification given to the best beaches that meet certain requirements. The cities maintaining the beaches have to apply for the award each year. A given beach can use the flag for only one year. In 2017 thirty-three beaches applied for the flag, out of 90.

    Blue Wave Flag signals the top quality beaches at Lake Balaton.

    Blue Wave Flag signals the top quality beaches at Lake Balaton.

    The Criteria

    Evaluation of the application are based on the guests’ opinion and needs. Cleanness,water quality, environmental protection, availability of playgrounds, accessibility, sport amenities, trees and shades, lifeguard on duty, environmental education and information are all important factors in the decision. Therefore everyone tries to keep the publicly available lake shore tidy.

    The List

    Finally, let’s see the list of the five-star beaches:

    #1 Vonyarcvashegy Lidó beach

    Special award winner, as the sportiest beach.

    #2 Balatongyörök

    #3 Gyenesdiás Diási Játékstrand (Kids’ Beach)

    The most family-friendly competitor.

    #4 Szigliget

    Lots of trees and shades with a fantastic panoramic view. To find it click on the map.

    #5 Balatonfüred Kisfaludy Beach

    Balatonfüred has more than one cool beaches. One of them is the Kisfaludy Beach on the eastern side of the Balatonfüred shoreline. There is a free parking lot of 400 places. Local people frequent this beach. See what’s happening right now: webcam.

    #6 Balatonfüred Eszterházy Beach

    Its entrance can be found at the end of the Tagore Promenade. It is not only a beach, it has pools, as well.

    The entrance of the Eszterházy Beach, one of the beaches of Balatonfüred.


    #7Balatonlelle Napfény (Sunlight) strand

    A real paradise for kids. It is a sandy beach, just like at the sea.

    #8 Csopak

    Fivesneakers’ favorite. Lots of shades, trees, sandy, shallow part for kids, beach food and restaurants. Free wifi. You may even see us here: webcam.

    One of Fivesneakers' favorite beaches.

    #9 Keszthely

    The municipal beach has a Balaton-shaped pool and it is the oldest one in the region. The Island Bath has been receiving guests for more than a century now, but it features a lot of modern amenities, as well.

    #10 Balatonakali

    This webpage is in Hungarian, but it has some nice photos.