Hi Dear Co-traveller!

    Welcome to the 5sneakers site!

    I’m MsPurple (sneaker), the mom. I love planning and travelling to interesting places (my weakness is that I hate travelling by plane). I love also meeting interesting cultures, habits and gastronomy.




    MrBlue (sneaker) is the Dad, who is a real workaholic (I hope he is not listening). He often goes business travel, but fortunately he not only works during travels, but tries to make excursions, short trips and taking photos if his busy schedule permits. He also likes to share his travel experiences and memories.



    Our little colorful sneaker owners are:

    MrGreen: the big boy. He is a genuine geek. He lives with his smartphone, but he also loves sports, and he is interested in Nature and History.




    MrOrange is the little boy (although he is not so young any more: he is a pre-teenager). He also excels in sports, but he is an artist at the same time. He is very creative and exceptionally talented in visual arts.




    And finally:

    MissPink is the little princess of the family. She is interested in sports, as well. She loves everything that is pink and glitters. He is a keen follower of the trends in fashion, style and gastronomy.