Why Santa is coming on the 6th of December in Hungary?

    The Hungarian Santa, called Mikulás visits children on December 6th, St. Nicholas Day. (Nicholas was a bishop from Asia Minor who lived in the 4th century in Myra. There are numerous stories, some miraculous about Nicholas.)

    Over many centuries 6th of December became the traditional time when Santa comes to visit Central European countries. The list includes Poland, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, and Hungary. Instead of hanging their stockings on the mantle, children in Hungary put a pair of brightly polished boot in the window. By morning, these become filled with goodies. In addition, the presents will very likely include a birch stick for punishment. Usually Mikulás day is celebrated in schools. Children sing Mikulás songs and he gives them chocolate Mikulás figurines, peanut, and candies.

    There is no Mrs. Santa in Hungary, but Mikulás often comes with one or two evil boys or girls, called „krampusz”.

    Santa in Hungary