We were looking for some fun activity on a sunny Sunday afternoon. Tihany seemed to be a good choice, since it is full of attractions. In addition, it is close to our HQ. Tihany can be found on the northern shore of Lake Balaton on the Tihany Peninsula. Lavender House is an interactive exhibition and visitor center of the Balaton Uplands National Parks in Tihany. The place is close to the picturesque Inner Lake (Belső tó). The Visitor Center is open all year long, and it is highly recommended to visit with kids in any season of the year. Thus we decided to visit it.

    Entrance of the Lavender House in Tihany.

    Inside the building you can see:

    Dance of the bees room. This is the entrance hall of the building. Detailed information about and program recommendations are available for Tihany Peninsula, and for nearby National Parks. By entering, you are greeted with the striking view of an enormously enlarged grass and bees installation. Still in this room one can expect a charming catering in the tea house. Everyone can sit on the benches below the giant insects and chill out by sipping refreshing beverages. A great plus is that we could pay the entrance ticket by credit card. Unfortunately, this is far less common than it should be.


    After purchasing the entrance tickets, we entered the Projection room. The once raging fire of the volcanoes and the harmony of the landscape are interpreted in the visitor centre by a short film (available in English). The 116 best photos of the Magical Hungary photo contest can be seen here. The world-class photos reflect excellently the outstanding diversity of the flora and fauna of the national parks in Hungary. So we were stunned and speechless, though the kids were started to looking for some more hands-on activities.


    Activity room – In this large hall special activities about nature await kids and adults alike. One finds handicrafts activities, and interesting presentations. MrOrange enjoyed the walking on a marsh. MissPink liked the Princess story best about the Echo of Tihany and the goats’ nails of Lake Balaton. MrGreen fancied another attraction: the volcano simulator, so he kept going around the show at least three times.

    Herbal medicine – In the souvenir shop one finds a great variety of local natural products. The shop is specialized in lavender goods (pottery, pillow, cosmetics, and food). In conclusion, it is worth a visit to find special gifts for your loved ones.


    • A glimpse of Tihany. The park of the visitor center offers several other programs and games. We tried the maze, saw the lavender garden and climbed up the look-out tower. A walkway introduces you to the world of living creatures of the Tihany Peninsula. So it is a perfect place to end your visit.
    Outside of Lavender House, Tihany.


    Practical Information: Map and transportation Admission


    Lavender House Tihany